Badge Magnet

Without question, BadgeMags are manufactured using the best and strongest materials available today… and we’ve made absolutely no compromises whatsoever. Compared to similar magnetic products manufactured elsewhere, where quality compromises result in cheaper prices, we are proud to declare our magnetic fittings ‘The World’s Best!’… - albeit that we compete in a price war.

Let us again assure you that our standard of quality is not conditioned by competitive pricing. – It is important that you consider this when comparing price against quality.

Here’s the ‘low-down’... - In all our BadgeMags, our double-strength magnets are securely bonded into our patented plastic molding. Our molds are uniquely designed for extra strength and our patented plastic compound is non-brittle… therefore, it bends before it breaks.

All metal parts are zinc-plated to prevent allergic reactions. The zinc-plated metal face plates are supplied with super-strength, pressure-bonding, double-sided adhesive tape. The peel-off liner paper, which exposes the adhesive tape, has a die-cut tab to aid removal.

Considering the above, we are proud to assure you that all our BadgeMags products have undergone vigorous laboratory and factory quality-control testing. You are therefore guaranteed of the finest quality finished product.